i'm so happy i could cry.

as you know, we have moved.  into our very own space.  let me just say that this is what heaven must feel like.  okay, okay, it is just a 2 bedroom apartment.  but people! i can raise my arms over my head to take off my shirt (do you really want to know this?) without bumping my hands on the ceiling.  we have 4 (YES. FOUR.) closets, one being a storage shed on the patio.  i have a real kitchen.  a REAL one.  with cupboards and a....wait for it....DISHWASHER! and i don't have to load up my laundry baskets and stack them on top of each other and carry them like gus gus on cinderella

 (in case you need a visual image of me)

down the street to the laundromat because i have an ACTUAL washer and dryer in my bathroom.  really, like i said, HEAVEN.  it doesn't take a lot to make this girl happy. 

now that i have my own place, i get to decorate to my heart's desire.  and you guys better be excited because i have been scouring saver's and di and ksl.com for some great deals and i've become such a cheap-skate that i don't even know who i am anymore.  and i buy the most hideous things for .99 cents and i bring them home and wade just stares at me and shakes his head, but he will be happy when i am done. he just doesn't know it yet.

oh and one more reason i'm so happy i could cry:  i lost all the pictures from my last 2 months in boston... our anniversary, the 4th of july on the charles river, my cute friends heidi and lindsay coming to visit me, a trip to rockport, our going away party, my very last pictures of the city the night before i left.  my heart hurt so much. i would lie awake at night, just sick to my stomach that they were gone. WELL GUESS WHAT.  i popped an unlabeled dvd into my computer the other night as i was trying to clean out our junk and there they were!!!  i never put them on my computer, but apparently somewhere between the disaster of moving across the country, they got burned to a dvd.  and i just stared at the computer screen in shock and i really did cry.  so i know it's way behind, but i will finally get to catch up on all our adventures since may. woo hoo!


Jenn said...

I'm so happy for you and your dishwasher and your pictures :) I feel your pain of not having a dishwasher. If you ever have the urge to wash some dishes by hand feel free to come visit me

Julianne said...

your blog is so dang cute! was your apartment in boston tiny?? can't wait to see the (newly found) pictures!

The Lang Family said...

I'm excited for you that you have a nice apartment! We will have to come visit and let Shaylie and Miles play!

Jen said...

Are you living in Shadowridge in Orem? Sounds exactly like my old apartment.