i quit.

in case you didn't notice...
i failed miserably.
i can't do it.
nor do i want to.

this past week without the internet has been sort of...

and so i am giving up.
and i think i am okay with it.

and also, i am raising a puppy that likes to play in the toilet.
he goes by the name of miles.
suggestions please!?
or i might just have to duct tape the toilet seat down.


Jake & Erin said...

Awww! I'm sad! I was looking forward to your daily posts!!! :) But I completely understand...life happens & it's definitely not a priority. Hope to see you soon!

Julianne said...

hahaha does he really?? they have those plastic..like...lock things for them. and i think its easy to open incase of emergency :) pretty sure you just push a button. i want to see him :)

Scott and Kristy said...

oh that's funny, all my kids loved to play in the toilet,( he must get it from his Dad) I would keep the bath room door shut