i present to you
my socks.
they come from the land of costco.
and i love them so much.
mostly because when i look down,
its almost as if i am reading my initials 'kp'
only backwards.
i am that weird.

today is moving day.
i tend to get all weird on moving days.
i'm not a stranger to it.
i've only moved 12 times in the last 5 years.
(it's the college years that did it to me...)
i am not exaggerating, my friend.
but i get all sentimental and sad.
and i usually end up crying myself to sleep 
the first night in a new place.
and for that reason, 
i claim again to be weird.


Kayleigh said...

Can I just say I love that you wear colorful socks? I get made fun of so much because I always have crazy socks on that never match my outfit. Glad to see another human does it too :)

Good luck moving!

Jenn said...

I've made a few of those moves with you. I don't think being sentimental and sad and crying about it makes you weird...or maybe it just means i'm weird too because I tend to do the same thing! Good luck with the move today. I can't wait to come see the new place :)

Jillian said...

I actually thought that about your initials when I first saw your socks and then realized it was up-side-down. So it's all good :) As for moving, I did it 11 times in 4 years, so I hear ya. It's okay to cry too. Listen to a little bit of Miranda Lambert's "The house that built me" to ease it a little... or just get the tears out in one blow. Whatever is easiest ;)