are you confused?

don't worry.
so am i.
if you read my last post (which has been deleted, thank you very much)
you can go ahead and pretend i never wrote it.
things got too complicated.
people got confused.
i just can't juggle all the blogs, and the emails, and the facebook pages.
so its back to my regular old name:
carry on.

p.s. if you are also wondering why i never made my blog private...
well did you know blogger only allows 100 emails?
so while i decide what to do about this predicament, my blog will continue to be a free for all.

one more thing.
in case you are getting really annoyed,
a REAL blog post is coming soon.
and by soon, i probably mean in like a month.


The Silvas said...

Kali, you're so funny, you crack me up, I love reading your blog! Love ya girl!

Brittany said...

wait so you are telling me i have to go and change your name AGAIN!! Kali my life is already hard as it is, i don't need more work to do. hahah jk you make me laugh!!

Michael, Mindy, and Dane said...

i have good news for you! although..it might be bad news for me if you really go private and i cant read your blog anymore..

anyway. you CAN add more than 100 people. i think i have like 139 or something? (i'm not trying to sound like i'm cool. i am well aware that i am not). anyway. initially, you can only add 100, but then you can keep adding more. i added the first 100 people on my list, saved it, and then went back in and added more. and it totally lets you. anyway, someone shared the good news with me, so i thought i'd pass it on!