hello long lost friend.

(please tell me this picture makes you laugh.
and then be jealous that he is mine.)

my friend whitney told me that every time she reads my blog lately, she feels like i hate my life.
i should probably make it known that this is not true.
i have a great family and the cutest little baby (does he still count as a baby?) and the best husband on the planet.
but hello! you don't want me to start sounding like this person do you? (in case you're out of the loop...it's not real. but oh, so very very funny, seeing as i ACTUALLY know people like that.)
anyway, i'm happy. content.
and frying my brains out.
photography has become my obsession. i spend every spare moment researching printers and web designers and taking classes and going to workshops and i have a goal to have everything up and running by christmas! i'm so excited that i finally get to put more effort into what i love doing most!  which means.... i will hopefully get to quit my HORRIBLE job sometime in the near future.  and i'm not going to even mention where it is because it's too embarrassing (but it starts with a 'wing' and ends with an 'ers' and i've worked there off and on since i was 16 and people think it's okay to tip .48 cents and you might think i'm kidding but it happens no less than 3 times a shift.)

our week will be filled with my best friend's wedding, my birthday (woohoo! the big 24), a trip to blanding/moab without the baby (ahh...first time ever. i don't know if i can bear it.) catching up on f.r.i.e.n.d.s (season 6) and grey's anatomy (season 1)...i truly am THAT far behind... and hopefully some blog posts dated clear back to may. yes, may. its about time i tell the story of how i lost my little brother in the big apple.


McKenna said...

Ugh, give me some of that obsession, since I completely detest photography at the moment. If I have to edit another photo...

Speaking of. Let's get together! Thursday of this week or next week tuesday maybe? Or the week after mon-wed. Then I am off to Germany.

Loking forward to the coming "big apple" story.

Two Little Mittons said...

You are working at WINGERS again!!! I don't even know what to say....how could you fall into that awful trap!?

*LyndiLou* said...

I haven't been to Winger's in FOREVER!!! I am 1 Million Times more likely to come in now since you are there! AND I promise that we'd give you more than .48 cents for a tip! PROMISE!!! ;)

I don't think you hate life. I think you are living life... and that means there are ups and downs. :) Good job! ;)

Scott and Kristy said...

I Love this picture of your Mom and Miles, so very cute....

Jalene said...

psh! you totally should have come and said hi! i would've loved to talk. thanks for you commment :)