my grandma and grandpa are celebrating their 50th anniversary tonight.
they asked me to make a slideshow for their big shin-dig.
this is the song they wanted. {you're my best friend, by don williams}
and when i showed them the finished product, they both cried.
i hope i'm this in love when i get old. :)

this weekend, after the party, of course, we are taking a quick trip logan for a photo class (woohoo!)
and then straight back down for a wedding tomorrow night, shot by yours truly.
also. i'm just happy that i will get to be in wade's presence in the daylight hours longer than 30 minutes.
we are both grateful to have jobs...
just wish there was more time in the day.

happy weekend!


Jenn said...

That is just precious. I hope to be that in love...ever :)

Heck, slide shows, photo shoots, invitations... You are just so good at everything. Can I please place a future order for my wedding invitations??? because I love them.

daurenet said...

Hi Kali,
You don't know me, but I love reading your blog. ( I don't do it alot) but I would love to be added to your list. My Kindra went to school with Porter. I remember him from kindergarten. Your blog inspires me. I live in the hood, Well the Timpview Stake. I know who your parents are. I loved driving past your (old house) and seeing the boys playing b-ball. Hummmm driving by to other people in the hood houses :)

the hopkins said...

that is the most adorable thing ever!!! Oh, seriously so cute :) Yay for them!

Hope your photography is going well :)

Felt Family said...

wait, i kinda wanted to join your party if it is still going. I'm having a pity party myself today. But..with that being said, I am someone crazy who started her own business and have felt all the feelings you have. It gets better after about 3 years. :) The motherhood guilt never goes away though. I always wonder if what I'm doing will affect the time I spend with McKay. But then I remember that being a parent is hard enough and you should beat yourself up. Pretty much being an adult is just hard--and it takes A LOT of work, and our kids will be f.i.n.e.
anyways! Can't WAIT to see the pictures from branigan's wedding!

ari said...

I would love to see the video you made for their 50th. Why don't you post that...I would LOVE it I am sure. That is such a cute pic you posted of them, love it! Oh, and stop being so critical of yourself... You are awesome and have a MILLION talents...you make other people feel horrible about themselves...so...just stop :)