(holga. rockport, ma)

i feel like someone took everything i own, messed it all around, threw it in some boxes and shoved it in my parent's garage. 
someone did.
and it still hasn't been unpacked. why? because we don't know how long we are staying at my parent's. and so it seems silly to unpack.  and so every day, i venture into the garage, looking for some random item that i happen to need, only it's nowhere to be found, because surprise, we weren't exactly organized when we packed up all our stuff.  in fact, i think we were so excited to get out of the apartment, that we just grabbed everything in sight and stuffed it into a truck. and if i recall, i think i may have said something to the effect of, "good riddance, apartment."
and it's okay if you're starting to think i'm bipolar, because really i might be. someday's i love boston, and other days i walk outside and see those glorious mountains towering over me and i take a deep breath and it doesn't smell like garbage and i hate it all over again.  so yes. i will be bipolar and you can just get over it or stop reading my blog because probably every other post will go like this:
i hate boston.
oh wait, today...
i miss boston.
and really, nothing else goes on in my head except that, and work, and photography sessions, and stopping miles from falling down the stairs, or eating the door stops off the back of the door, or crunching ritz crackers and throwing them all over the floor. and quite frankly, my life has become quite boring. and i think i'm finally getting to the point of why i don't blog anymore.  but if you know me at all, you'll know that it usually takes me this long to make a point because it usually includes a lot of boring background information. and what was the point again? oh yes, i don't blog anymore. and why? apparently because all my stuff is in boxes and for some reason that hinders my ability to type on a keyboard.

also, my giveaway ends tomorrow, so if you want free pictures then you sure as heck better hurry up and enter!

oh and one more thing!!
who are you englewood, colorado??
yes, i have a tracker, and yes, i see you...
and i don't mind one bit if you want to read my blog 7 times a day,
but i do mind if you are a creeper.
and thusly, i will have to make my blog private if you don't fess up.
(i am aware that i just made up a word. but thusly seems to fit at the moment.)
so if you are a friendly sort of person, can you just please email me? kaliandwade @ gmail . com
i promise not to submit you to public humiliation.
i will just feel relief that you aren't plotting to kidnap my baby and carry on my merry blogging way.


Karen said...

I'm not in CO, but I am in PG and I used to live by you (I'm Karen Lott) and I guess I better fess up that I read your blog. You are more than welcome to read mine...www.mkeherrington.blogspot.com Your little Miles is so cute!

I used to live with my parents' between apartments too and all our stuff was crammed in their garage...hard stuff!

Matt and Katelyn Risenmay said...

We used to have all of our stuff packed away too. It is so not the ideal way to live.

I love that you said Miles tries to eat the end of the doorstops. Brady does the same thing! What is so appealing about those things? Crazy kids.

miriam said...

You are hilarious. I loved this post. Please don't stop writing. I want to know all about your (maybe sometimes even boring) life.

Stevo and Annie said...

please keep writing! i hope the creeper reveals him/herself...creepy! haha

Julianne said...

dont you dare go private, you have like a million readers. and you are the most entertaining person in the world!!!! and who cares if you like boston one day and hate it the next? you're a girl...youre allowed to feel that way!! love you

LL said...

I do hate when you can see someone checking the blog several times a day with no idea who they are. I have a couple of those...it's a bit concerning.
I lived in my inlaws basement for 6 months and I was never more miserable. It's hard living in a place that's not your own and out of unorganized boxes. HANG IN THERE...and please keep blogging!

Lyndi said...

I can't get over you. I adore you. Everything you write makes me smile.

Your life is great... even if you think it gets old saving Miles from the stairs and door stops.

Sorry I'm not from Englewood. Hope it's not a creeper but a long lost friend or fan! ;)

Marika said...

I'll own up to it. I totally read your blog. I don't even know how to see who reads my blog, but I'd love for you to read mine.

I ran across your blog when I was reading someone else who went to timp high school's (maybe Katherine Heiss/Tangreen?), and I just loved seeing pictures of your baby and your writing style.

Sorry I have been creepy for a little while and not owned up to it :)

PS I'm not Englewood, CO, but... I'm Arlington, VA.

*juli* said...

So, can I just say that I have a love/hate relationship with Seattle, and I still freaking live here? Some days I love it, some days I hate it and think about how awesome everything is about Utah. Then I go back and visit, and things are different (like the freeway?! Uhh.... hellooo weird.) and I miss Seattle. But then I go to leave Utah and I bawl like a baby. So, I can understand how you feel about Boston. And I may or may not have completely unpacked from when I moved up here over a year ago...