i just found this on my computer.
here i am, 2 weeks before miles was born.
taking a little fall stroll at walden pond
(where, ironically, is where i started having painful contractions 2 weeks later, when my mother tried to walk my baby out of me.)
i just want to say:
wow. could my stomach be any bigger?!


Felt Family said...

um...looked at my belly today. Only six months in, and I thought--"dear oh dear, I hope I don't get any bigger"

LyndiLou said...

You are adorable!!! Then and now! *:D* Though personally I think babies are cuter out than in! ;) So cute!

Launi said...

Oh Sweetie, let me just tell you--your tummy could INDEED be much, much bigger, you funny thing. I work with expectant moms but even so, the biggest tummy I've ever dealt with was April and the TWINS. At 39 weeks April measured 53! Normal measurement for 39 weeks is 39-49. Pretty funny. You, my dear, are adorable.