i suffer from

the stupidest things can ruin my day. all because I'm so easily embarassed.
honestly...i even hesitate blogging about it because i don't want to embarrass myself.
the plans for the day: errands in the morning with a zipcar and a baby shower. not to much to manage right? wrong.
the exterminator came, quite unbeknownst to us.
(he was supposed to come last week and stood us up)
so instead of leaving at 9:50 a.m., we left at 10:15. 15 minutes late for our zipcar reservation.
(that is only important information for later)
First item of embarrassment: our kitchen is a mess. We had people over for dinner last night. So what is the exterminator supposed to think? Of course these people have bugs..it's a disaster.
We then proceeded to run our errands. And this is completely off subject, but have you seen those bubble umbrellas that basically surround you? I want one. Badly. Just try and see if someone tells me I need class for running into them with an umbrella like that. It's impossible! I didn't buy one though...I'm learning to be frugal, which is a word I hate a lot these days. After running our errands, we took a turn on the wrong street. You can blame mapquest for this.
(it seems like everytime we use mapquest, we get lost. I find it interesting that they have some "fine print" that says something to the effect of...if you get lost because of us, you can't sue us. good thing they have that, or i would)
After driving in the wrong direction and being stuck in traffic for an hour, we finally got smart and gave up on stupid mapquest. We finally found the baby shower, and thanks to our zipcar reservation, had to quickly leave.
Second item of embarrassment: crashing a party. I felt like a dummy. Hi! Thanks for the food! gotta go!
our car was due back by 12:30. Of course, there was no way we were going to make it back in time.
Third item of embarrassment: Facing the people in the parking garage who were waiting for their turn with the car. Don't worry, zipcar somehow made up for this by charging us 50 dollars. I don't know how this benefits the people waiting for the car, but I'm sure zipcar just looooves it when people are late.
At this point I am fuming...just absolutely livid. And then our friends call and ask if we want to go to the temple. What kind of person doesn't want to go to the temple?
Fourth item of embarrassment: Me. I don't. I don't want to go to the temple because I am a grump.
When we got back to the apartment, we were locked out. Mind you, we had our keys with us and everything. But nevertheless...locked out. The only person to blame was the exterminator. Which was wrongful blaming, because it wasn't his fault. Turns out, the lock on our door that we thought was broken all along, was never really broken. So the dude that has the keys to the apartment locked it. What a concept.
Fifth item of embarrassment: Knocking on the landlord's door and telling him he locked us out.
(ok...i realize that's more annoying than embarrassing. but, if there's anything i learned in high school english, it's that we have to keep with a theme, people. also...to capitalize the beginning of my sentences, which i obviously do not do.)
I have nothing more to say, other than tonight i will be spending my time wallowing in self-pity and painting my cares away. While Wade studies his little brains out (little? I meant big).


susette said...

I am sure that not one single person whom you felt embarassed in front of today even remembers your issues. I say just be a duck :) Enjoy painting. I can't wait to see the fun stuff you create ☺

ari said...

I agree with mom, it's only embarrassing to you. Honestly, no one else even cares, they have their own issues to deal with. I love reading your blog...that is actually something you are VERY good at and so you should not quit because of embarrassment. I think it is awesome.
Have a good one...Arlene

Marissa said...

Kali I love you and I miss you soooooooo much. I miss your quick whit and your funny stories. You are the BEST storyteller. When you come visit you have to tell me some stories :)