dear utah,

i would like you to never take for granted the following things:
costa vida. i'm eating a pork salad the second i get off the plane. (actually, mom? could you just bring me one to the airport?)
your fancy grid system set up by the wonderful brigham young. he was an absolute genius. tell me the last time you drove around lost for an hour looking for the grocery store. it just doesn't happen.
your wonderful surrounding of all things mormon...temples, churches, modest clothing stores, deseret book-you get the picture.
the weather. seriously. you don't believe me? experience some wind chill and some nasty, nasty frozen rain and you'll understand.
close family, relatives, friends...just nice people in general. but mostly family. *tear*
your lack of extremely large buildings and a subway system. its nice and quiet around these days yeah? which brings me to my next point:
mountains. and stars. and fields of nothingness. (i miss the view from wade's front porch)
I just plain miss home. is that ok?

i guess you could say i'm feeling a little homesick this week. it happens.
good thing i'll be receiving some utah love, via my best friend jenn coming to visit me on FRIDAY! for NiNe whole days. I cannot contain my excitement.


susette said...

Oh honey, if I could just reach right through this computer and give you a great big hug I would. I love you the whole world and look forward to the day you'll be back. I am so happy for Jenn to come see you too. Have a super duper fun time with her. Oh and most definitely I can do take out Costa Vida!!

Rhonda said...

Hi there, I come by way of your mom (blogging buddies) as I am a fellow transplant to the East coast via the west. I live here with my hubby, and two of our kids as three are out in Utah now.

It gets better. It really does...I remember thinking ALL the same things. I hated the roads here, I despised the winters, and I had a hard time making friends. Most people in my Ward went home all the time or had family within the area. I live in a stake where a lot of the members have grown up here and are 2nd gen. east coasters who left Utah and came here and never left.

There are a lot of great things about Boston as that is our temple district. One of our nanny's just left Boston after graduating UMASS and wants to go back.

Your mom has my email and I would love to talk to you more. Keep hunting and you will find your space and some of the things you like about Utah will be there in Boston. Honest.

I have even found a wonderful Mexican restaurant here and it beats anything out west. Took a few years, but we found it. Boston still is a little different than us Yanks here in Connecticut.

If it's any consolation my sweet newly wed daughter is living in Logan with her hubby finishing up degrees (she transferred out of BYU) and was raised here in CT. She is having a horrible time adjusting to Utah. Her sister, my oldest is in Lehi with her hubby both professionals working and is also adjusting. She is doing better though.

Hang in there and I hope I wasn't too intrusive with my banter here.

Rhonda said...

YIKES that was a really long comment. Sorry.

Scott and Kristy said...

Wow we under stand. We missed Brother Brigham grid system when we lived in Sacramento Califorina no straight roads it wasn't west, south, east, or north some weird name couldn't find any thing. we missed family it was just us and our 2 year old little boy we didn't belong to a ward cuz we moved every month to a new place. We miss you keep smile in your heart

joyce said...

kali, you are simply the bestest! and that's not just because we share a deep love of costa vida;) let me know when you Poulsoners are in utah and i would gladly grab a pork ensalada with you!

Tina said...

my dimples have disappeared after reading this. and tear flushes my cheek. (I'm trying to be more poetic - it comes off rather... what's the word... stupid?)I miss you, too, Kali!