snow emergency?

Boston has received it's first snow.
Two inches...

and the governor declared a "snow emergency"
yes, that's right. emergency.
wade didn't have to go to work.
i got to leave early.
every school in the area closed.

the streets have been deserted.
and we're all "snowed in"
but there's only two inches!
it's quite embarrassing
and I just think, if only utah could see us now.
I walked to school in snow like this everyday.
if everyone in utah stopped going to school
everytime it snowed, we'd all be illiterate.

but hey, i don't have to work, and i'm still getting paid for it.
you're not going to see me complaining.


susette said...

Does Boston even own snowplows? That was the problem in Las Vegas. Their airport was shut down and flights were routed to SLC. It's so crazy to see how different cities handle the white stuff. For sure we aren't wimps in Utah.

LyndiLou said...

Oh wow. 2 whole scary inches huh?!? I hope you have enough hot chocolate to last you through it all! ;) Enjoy the time off!!!

joyce said...

seriously? that's flippin ridiculous! have they not thought of asking what other major metropolitan cities do with MORE than 2 meager inches of snow? life doesn't stop with snow

Scott and Kristy said...

What would people in Boston do if they had snow like we get in Utah (that we are getting everyday)?!