The Big COLD Apple

Hello all, this is Wade, I'm going to be blogging today. How have you been? For a while now, Kali has been wanting to take me to New York and since it is Christmas time we thought this would be the perfect opportunity. We booked our tickets with FUNG WAH bus and hoped for the best... you see, FUNG WAH has a questionable reputation. Some say the buses catch fire, some say they have been known to roll over on the freeway, transport cages full of chickens, and so on. I guess I should mention that the FUNG WAH bus is a Chinatown to Chinatown bus linking all major cities back here. Any way rumor has it that they have made some improvements so we thought we'd give it a try.

We woke at five in the morning.

Oh yeah, we picked to travel after the worst snow storm of the year.

We donned our warmest winter gear and headed out.

We walked to South Station, about a twenty minute walk. Crews were busy shoveling sidewalks, but the snow was everywhere.

A nice man from somewhere in the Middle East could tell we were lost, in broken english he walked us to where the buses were, if not for him we probably wouldn't have made it.

The bus was nice and warm and the four hours to New York wasn't too bad. As far as four hour bus rides go.

We stepped out of the bus and BRRRRR! It was freezing!

We were in Chinatown and the only English we could see were the street signs (if not we would still be wandering around).

Halfway down the block a man approached us and revealed a card with pictures of purses, Kali had already warned me, so I knew what was up. We smiled, but said no thanks. Immediately, a little lady attacked us...

So it wasn't an attack, but she said, "you want purse?" pointing to our right. We shook our heads and tried to tell her we wanted to go left, so she said, "okay, follow me," and started walking. We could have easily run away, but she was going the way we needed to to get to the subway. Also, she kept looking over her shoulder to make sure we were following. I fear that if we tried to get away, she would have caught us.

We followed her to a store and when we got there she opened a secrect door in the wall. A SECRET DOOR. We went into the basement where we found illegal knockoff purses. Kali saw one she liked and the lady noticed us pointing at it, so she pulled it down for Kali. It wasn't exactly what we were looking for so we gave it back. When we tried to leave the lady freaked out. She followed us out and we tried to tell her all we wanted was the subway. Finally, as she followed us she talked to another guy, we told him we wanted the subway, he told her and she was still upset, but we kept walking. YIKES.

We took the train to Times Square and this is what we saw.

Apparently Kali loves Charmin, so we checked it out. Either that or she had to go really bad.

Here is the picture in the sled like she said
We also got to pose in front of the new year

(hi...kali here. I know it looks like i gained 50 pounds...its really just three coats. promise.)

We then went to Central Park where we had a visit from a new friend.

This Carebear was at first friendly, then awkward, then creepy. He just stood there, and he smelled really, really bad; we rode the carousel anyway.

Enjoy the video:

Once I watched a movie about a miracle on 34th St. . . . close enough.

We froze our way over to Rockefeller Center

And then up to the Top of the Rock

It was entirely amazing buildings everywhere, the biggest city I'd ever been to. From the Top of the Rock we went back to Times Square.


Scott and Kristy said...

Looks like you had alot of fun,tell us why the care bear smelled bad? and you both look Great.

LyndiLou said...

How fun is that?!? An adventure to New York... just what everyone needs! :) We're hoping to get out to New York next summer... since Jillian made it into the Hill Cumorah Pagent! :) Thanks for making me want to go now for all the Christmas fun! ;) Merry Christmas you two!!!

Tina said...

So fun! I want to go!

Trav said...
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Trav said...

Hey great Post! The videos are great too. Looks like a ton of fun. You guys are awesome.

Jillybean said...

You always have such funny videos! Hey, and do you remember Melanie Blackham? Well she and her husband went to NYC and just posted about it. Random that you should have one on here at the same time! Maybe you walked right passed each other :)

susette said...

I'm so glad you two are making time for some fun adventures together. You will cherish these memories forever. Great videos and photos!

Lisa said...

Forget New York City!! Rockefeller center at Christmas?? Who needs that old cliche?? Now I want to go to Chinatown!! They have Secret Doors (!!) and possible secret agent type experiences!! And what a great idea for an add campaign for TP - a place to try it out!! More products should be marketed this way - with photo ops too!! Awesome! I just want to hear about the return trip...

Dave and Pam said...

All I am is envious....

Miriam said...

cool pictures kali! I noticed your charmin picture in your LR- I should have asked about it! The smelly, creepy carebear- ewe!