i kill plants

Basically...I have a hard time keeping plants alive. It's not that I don't remember to water them or take care of them. I am very much concerned for their well being. But maybe I water too much. Or maybe I plant them in boxes that are just too small. This little plant was supposed to grow to nine feet tall. I guess I waited too long to "transplant" it. *ha ha get it?* Anyway...I tried to pull all the dead leaves off and ended up destroying it.

Wade gave me a huge house plant for Valentine's Day. I love it a lot. Well, two days later, I found brown leaves all over the carpet. So I watered it a lot. Hmmm...too bad the tag that came with it said to water only once a month. But Wade came to the rescue and stuck it close to the window and it dried out in the sunlight. It's growing quite nicely now. I'll just put him in charge of the plants...and maybe the pets...and maybe the children...

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