can't sleep.

So I decided today that after a long double at work, I would come home and relax...go to bed early. You know, treat myself and my tired sore feet to a vacation. Well...here I sit in my bed at 4:00 a.m. thinking that my blankets are too hot, the creeking in the walls is too loud, and that there is far too much to be done to sleep.

oh. and did i mention that a huge part of me is missing? Wade went to Boston this week for an interview at the University of Massachusetts. It is quite possible that I am more nervous than he is. That could explain my restless sleep. Or maybe I just miss him so much that my stomach hurts. Am I pathetic? yes probably. but ask me if I care.

Alexa Wilkinson is the greatest thing to happen to music since...well, since i heard her open for Ingrid Michaelson last week. I must say that I am a fan. Sometimes I hear music and I am struck dumb from amazement. I just think words are, well, poetic. But thats what poetry is: words. So that was a bit redundant. Or was it an oxymoron? I need to go back to 8th grade where I learned what both of those words meant. How come they don't teach you the important stuff when you're older and not so worried about the stupid boys sitting next to you and the way your hair is tucked behind your ears? I think maybe I should have gone to an all girl private school. I would have been a lot smarter. Ok, anyways, back to the music thing. Music is my life. and I love it when I hear a song that becomes my anthem. I usually find one about every other day. Thank you itunes and myspace. oh and thank my lucky stars that there is such thing as a melody.

Firehouse awaits me in approximately six hours. That means less than six hours of sleep are in my future. I think I need like 14 to be a happy camper. Speaking of camping...I'll be doing that this next week for spring break. Last time I checked, spring break was supposed to be fun and in the sun. Instead, I'll be freezing in the rain. (freezing in the rain? that is snow.)

I want him back.


jen said...

Kali I loved this post! I was up all night Friday for no reason, so I totally feel your pain.

Anonymous said...

Kali! Yay! I found your blog off your facebook page! I miss working with you! :( You and Wade are way cute. I'm glad things are going good! Hope I see you soon!

kristen said...

I am SO SO jealous that you went to Ingrid Michaelson. I love her so much I should own her and keep her in a little jar in my closet and make her sing to me all the time. Or do you think that would make me selfish? Fine...nevermind.

kristen said...

p.s. (i know, i always have a p.s.)

every time i discover a new song and i think it's all mine and so rad, and i come here and it is playing. you are on my music wave length. good thing i can share i guess.