my best

This lady is amazing.
and that's why she is my best friend.
Jenn (aka Viva) puts up with a lot.
I'm a hard person to deal with...but she does it wonderfully.

She steals me LoTs of mints when we go out to eat, even though she doesn't like them.

When there was only a pink bin and a yellow bin left, she automatically gave me pink without me saying a word because she knows I hate yellow.

She cooks me dinner and doesn't care that I just sit there and watch her.

She doesn't make me feel like an idiot when I sleep in and miss classes, even though she probably feels like telling me I'm stinkin' lazy.

She doesn't go home on weekends when I tell her that I don't want to be alone.

She laughs at all my jokes, even (and maybe especially...) when they are absolutely ridiculous.

She remembers EVERYTHING. She's like my walking and talking journal.

Most of all...she has a good heart. Like, deep down, she only wants to make other people happy. and I love her for that.


Kristine G. said...

Ahhhh... that is sweet!

I am excited that I found your blog. Now we can be blog friends!

rubi said...

I so brought you two together. :) haha. just kidding. How are you amigo?! I love your blog and I am also glad I found it. I love you girly! Tell Jenn I love her from me too.
this is kristen p.s.