cute old men

Today I went running and found myself sitting on a bench at the temple feeling a little bummed about this thing they call "life." I wasn't really thinking about anything in particular...just that I was feeling completely overwhelmed with school and some decisions I need to be making soon. The temple grounds were bustling with people coming and going, but no one paying any attention to me just sitting there. Except for a cute old man all by himself who was hunched almost half way over and making his way slowly to his car. He stopped dead in his tracks and said, "Hello!! How are you doing today?" I replied that I was good and asked him how he was doing. He said, "I am doing wonderful! It's a beautiful day!!" and then, "It was so good to see you!!" Now...I don't know if this old man was suffering from Alzheimer's and maybe he thought he knew me, but I prefer to think that he was just a good person trying to make someone's day a little bit better. And you know what? It worked.

I'm beginning to think that that's what life is all about. cute old men.

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