i miss it

I have a new job. And quite frankly, its lots better than my old job.
This is why I should love Firehouse more than Winger's:
1-I make more money.
2-They have a busser.
3-They have a dishwasher.
4-They have a salad maker.
5-Their mops don't fall apart.
6-They never run out of silverware.
7-They never run out of anything for that matter.
8-They have 2 coke machines.
9-They don't serve popcorn.
10-I don't have to wear a uniform that makes me look like a gas station attendant.
11-I don't come home covered in sticky wing sauce.
12-They don't have side work.
13-They don't have booth busting.
14-I don't eat french fries all day.

This is why I don't:
I miss my girls... :(

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Ms. Berg said...

that just brought tears to my eyes!!!! i was going to call you today because i've been missing you so much but i think it was the trax that distracted me. i love you with all my heart and soul!!! p.s. you're a fantastic writer!