project 365

everyone makes lofty new year's goals.
well this one, my friends, is quite lofty.
i am lacking in the photography memory making department.
because i am usually taking the pictures for other people,
i sort of forget to take my own.
and so,
i present to you:

in hopes of forcing me to take my camera out more often,
i will now be posting a picture every day
for a year.
i am scared.


Kayleigh said...

this is great! i tried it the first year clay & i were married to try to remember everything we did our first year...but it only worked like 2 weeks. you'll be much better at it though! you already take wayyy more pictures than i do. good luck!

Lauren Rawlings said...

I need to do that too! That's such a good idea.
P.S. Yes, I still do read your blog and yes, I do love it.

Matt, Katelyn, and Brady Risenmay said...

My cousin did this and now she has a really cute book of pictures to remember the entire year. Good luck!

Jillian said...

Ooooh! Fun! I'm excited to see :) You can do it!

THE Bjarnson's said...

I've been thinking about doing this too. My cousin did it, and loved it. She said it was really hard some days. Here is her blog of it if you want to check it out http://chigley1.blogspot.com/

LL said...

Can't wait to see. A friend of mine did this and it was fun to watch what she shot!

susette said...

Saweeet!!!! I can't wait to see what you come up with too.

ps-could you hurry home. We all miss you guys!

Jenn said...

Good Idea! I did this with a few friends but just for a few weeks. It was fun to capture everyday things that you woulnd't normally think about.

the hopkins said...

What a cute idea! Looking forward to all these fun pictures :)

Felt Family said...

good idea. Can you swing by my house too--and take a picture of my kids? good heavens that would be helpful. (he he) Little Holland hasn't really had any pictures taken of her and she is already 4 weeks old? :(

Julianne said...

this is so great!!! and not a bad idea! you are so creative & cute, i think it will be adorable!
i always carry my camera in my purse but forget to use it!
go kali!