a few things

(holga. taken at crane beach)

my red snow cone collided with my tan seats in my new (well....new to me) car this week and i'm still upset about it.

i saved a couple of rolls of holga film to be developed here in utah because the last time i developed it in boston, it cost me $13 for one roll and i was not happy about it. i got 2 developed today for $6. take that, boston.

speaking of boston.
dear boston,
sometimes i miss you and sometimes it makes my heart hurt a little. 
and then i tell wade and he says,
"are you kidding?!" and reminds of all the reasons why i don't miss you.

today wade and i had an argument at the one and only d.i. over whether or not dr. martens are still cool.  i told him they reminded me of the 90's and he said he didn't care because they last forever and he would rather be comfortable. and i said no they are ugly and i would rather be cool. and so, the dr. martens stayed at d.i. and i felt like a mean wife and my mom said she was zipping her lips on the matter (but i'm almost certain she would have taken wade's side).

i decided to buy miles a swimming pool to put in the backyard.  walmart was sold out of little baby pools because apparently, its hot outside or something? anyway, shopko came to the rescue and i paid 5.99 for a little blow up pool. well, it looked little in the picture. we came home and blew it up and now its taking up the whole living room.

a few more things:
i love the rain.
i love that the rain doesn't make me instantly sweat in the form of humidity.
i love the smell of wet concrete.
i love the sunset at wade's parent's house.
i love the mountains.
i love the cool evenings.
its good to be home.
but i will always be divided.
in the words of my favorite, andrew mcmahon:

"i met a girl who kept tattoos for 
homes that she had loved.
if i were here, i'd paint my body til
all my skin was gone."
-something corporate
"i woke up in a car"

and it's too bad i'm not that girl and that i don't get tattoos, because if i was that girl and i did get tattoos, i think i would probably have about 11 by now.


Launi said...

Well, we are certainly glad you are here. But how lovely that you can have several places that feel nice and cozy to you.

Jen said...

It is really terrible that I haven't seen you since you've been back! We should definitely change that, soon.

Stevo and Annie said...

Nice!...the Holga pic turned out great. We will have to send our film to you for developing:)

Rick said...

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ari said...

Honestly, I don't have a clue what "Holga" is, but I love, love, love the little feet in the water pic, holga or not!!!!