the poulsen

Today at church, I was sitting at a bench all by myself. Wade had gone off to sit at the sacrament table. Our favorite little boy in the ward came running up to my bench and said, "HI!!! look at my book! Mother Goose!" I told him that was neat, and then he ran away. A few minutes later, his dad walked in laughing. He told me that his little boy had said, "Dad! The Poulsen is here! The Poulsen is here!"

So, to all you Poulsen's out there...don't be jealous, but I am the Poulsen.


susette said...

Well, I just wish I could say the same thing!! The Poulsen is here!
I can't wait for June!!

Tina said...

So fun! I love it kids say the darnedest things! At least you have my maiden name that people can announce...sigh. :) So, we are coming back east in May. I need to call you guys about the details. (i don't even know the details) John signed us up for this tour so he can get some credit. We will be going to Gettysburg, Washington DC.... I don't think Boston though. But, maybe you can catch up with us. Just something to think about. Like I said, I'll call you when I know the details.

Scott and Kristy said...

The last time someone ran through Boston saying something like that it was, "The British are coming, The British are coming!!"

LyndiLou said...

*:D* LOVE IT!!! Classic... like "The British are coming!" Always nice to know you've got a fan club!