dear elevator lady,

yes, i am aware that it is freezing outside. and yes, actually, i do have a hat for my baby. but seeing as we are inside where its warm, i'm not too concerned about it. also, did you notice the gigantic bundle me he happens to be wrapped up in?

quite frankly, i am more concerned about the stranger on the elevator, that would be you, that feels the necessity to touch my baby. i don't know you, and i don't know where your hands have been.

so...maybe you should stop worrying about my mothering abilities and start worrying about your germs.

ok? thanks.


Amanda said...

concerned about the hat, yet feels it perfectly normal to put her hands all over your baby? Wierd. People are strange sometimes.

We ♥ Life said...

Miles is so so cute :) I would just keep him covered in his carseat all winter long! Then people won't touch him. I love bundle me's, we have one too :)

Amy said...

I just think you are adorable and I don't know Wade very well but he is also adorable along with your new babeh. I love your writing skilss and picture taking skills. I've thought about learning myself. I just fear I may not be that fabulous at it. Your little Miles is so cute and I am gald he is here safe and sound. Thanks for being a better blogger than I, so I could catch up on your lives. :)

Tina said...

Ugh! i hate ladies. Especially the ones on elevators.

Whitney said...

Yuck, I'm sorry. Mind your own business lady!!!