happy anniversary!

thats right, folks. One whole month today. I know I disappeared for a while, so I figure our one month anniversary is a great time to catch up right? I think I'll start with the best day of our lives: the wedding. Everything went so perfect. You always hear about the crazy brides who go insane and cry all day and scratch everyone's eyes out. I did no such thing. In fact, the day went perfect. Our sealing was amazing. The ceremony was performed by Bruce R. McKonkie's son. He gave us a lot of good advice and a lot of good laughs. I was given permission to elbow Wade in the chest every time he needs a reminder. ha. Also, he was told to tell me he loves me every time he gets hungry. You can go ahead and guess how many times I hear "i love you" a day. The reception that night was everything I hoped it would be. I loved my flowers, I loved my tables, I loved my lanterns...but mostly I love my husband. Which is probably the reason it was such a good day. :)

thanks so much to everyone who has shown us so much support. It was so good to see you all at the reception. We also appreciate all the help with the wedding day. Mom! You are the best! and we have a wonderful family and friends who put so many hours into making our day perfect. ThAnK yOu!


paige and jord said...

it looks like it was PERFECT. (we both must have good taste, cause alot of our stuff was the same!)
im sorry we couldn't make it, but it looks gorgeous! congrats kali & wade

Jill said...

I love love love your pictures! Looks like it was beautiful!

susette said...

We couldn't have gotten much closer to a perfect day!! We were so thrilled with everything. Thanks for being such a sweet daughter and for marrying such a great young man. We love you so much!!