home sweet home

After scouring the city of Boston, Wade and I successfully found our new "home" for the next two years. I do admit that it got quite discouraging, after looking at apartments with mold, apartments with kitchens the size of my bathroom, and apartments that reeked of smoke, we stumbled upon this little miracle:


Don't mind my beautiful hair in this video. We've learned that I need some kind of "humidity crisis intervention", as Wade so lovingly put it. It got really poofy...really curly...and REALLY unmanageable. I apparently have no reason to worry. People on the east coast put no effort into their appearance whatsoever.

This is Wade in the little courtyard area behind our apartment:

I also met with TWO schools out there. The New England School of Photography turned out to be a flop. It was SO overwhelming and required 50 hours a week of work (including dark room processing, which I want nothing to do with) and costs about 55,000 dollars. Sorry. But I don't need to pay someone 55,000 dollars to teach me something I already know how to do. And they only offer certification. I found an art institute though, which offers a bachelors degree in Photography, so when my credits transfer, I'll be halfway there! What a relief!


kristen said...

Kali. 47 is my most favorite number in the world and it is especially lucky. This is not a joke.

kristen said...

Also. I loved your invitations. Very kali-esque.

susette said...

oh kali kali kali my dear. How will I ever let you go? I will miss you like crazy. But you are a brave, strong girl, and you can handle anything you wanna. Plus, you got a good man who will be with you. I wanna come visit too, like soon so be ready to pump up that air mattress.

Kristine L. said...

Yes please :). I knew that there was someone that I gave my address to, but couldn't remember who... and this means that I will get to come to your reception now! Yipee! My NEW address is
99 W. 1450 N. #98
Provo, UT 84604

the staples fam...almost! said...

kali! i cant believe you are getting married so soon.. and moving all the way to boston?! BIG move. let me warn you: i BAWLED saying bye to my family, moving across the country. its a very 'real' thing when you get back from the honeymoon :) im sad i will miss your wedding, i better see lots and lots of pics. love you and good luck!!!

Ashley said...

Wow!!! I am so excited for you!!! You are very brave, I have a hard enough time being in Idaho! I love your invitations, they are adorable. I wish we could make it, but some stuff has come up!! I'm excited to see all of your wedding pics though!

jen said...

I'm so jealous! I can't wait to see you at your reception. P.S. your announcements are adorable!

Felt Family said...

Congrats on the wedding! When are you getting married!!
I'm excited for boston and your photography...i hope that everything works out
laura felt

kristen said...

thanks for the nice comment friend. likewise.

if you are reading this right now you are out of your mind. go plan a wedding or something. :) gaaggh! 6 days! (or something...???)

love you.

Holli said...

Hi Kali. I don't know if you remember me but congrats on getting married. I lived in Boston last summer with my Fiance at the time and I loved it and I hope you do to. People are really mean there though so beware =) And Get some Papa Ginos pizza. Its the best =)

Ms. Berg said...

i'm so excited for you. and plan on a big air mattress because heather is sharing with susette.