identity crisis

As most of you know...I'm a little obsessed with my hair. Ok, not even a little. I'm a lot obsessed with my hair. I probably get it done, oh, like every three weeks. Which isn't helping my current situation. Let me explain:

I started highlighting my hair at the age of 11. It gradually became a habit, to the point where it was almost white. So I lived most my life as a blondie until I was about 19. Then it started falling out, breaking off, and burning up. This called for drastic measures...aka I made myself a brunette. Don't get me wrong. Brown is a great color. It's just not me.

So I have brown hair. VERY thin, brown hair. No worries, this can be fixed. The answer to my problems was hair extensions. I originally planned to get a whole head of them to make my hair like a foot longer. Well, that was going to cost like 700 dollars, and suddenly marriage was thrown into the equation. Hair extensions + marriage = poverty. So that didn't happen. Instead, I got my thin hair filled in in the front with just 7 small, innocent hair extensions clamped onto my own hair with a metal bead. Everything was fine and dandy until one day I ripped one out of my head. That hurt. A lot. Then a few days later, I noticed some red little bumps on my scalp where the hair extensions were attatched. I think my scalp was rejecting them. So my good father went to work with some pliers and a thumb tack and saved me the money of having them removed. I thought my hair was thin before...let's talk about all the hair that came out along with those extensions.

So why do I put myself through such ridiculous things? Who even knows? I think it's just because I was not blessed with long, flowing, thick hair. Let's be honest. I was bald until I was three. My mom had to get my ears pierced so people would know I was a GIRL. But it's just hair right? Too bad every time I look at myself in a picture, I don't see me. I want it blonde again...

I just don't want to be a bald woman at my wedding.


Jen & Curtis Lang said...

I feel your pain 100%!!! I have made myself a brunette for the EXACT reason... and I HATE it too! I really feel for you... who are these people with long, thick, flowing hair... gotta hate them

Ashley said...

Hey, I really love that picture of you and wade. Very cute. Good luck with hair. I'm sure that you will look absolutely beautiful on your wedding day!!!

Marissa said...

You make me laugh. I finally checked out your blogspot and I don't know why i didn't sooner cause I'm laughing my booty off. I miss your dramatic life stories such as this one. Basically I miss you!! I can't wait to see you in SD!!